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Nevin C. Hughes

"Coach Nev"







My Mission

NEVFIT is a God first platform designed to bring a direct impact to the world of fitness for youth and adults. The principles taught through the NEVFIT coaching style are those that work to build confidence, strength, and discipline.


All of the youth football coaching is conducted with a unique intensity that aims to instill values of self respect in every young athlete. From the coaching vernacular to the music choice, everything that NEVFIT promotes in the youth setting is geared towards upliftment and encouragement. 

Youth football is one of the primary focuses of the coaching and training. Although NEVFIT does provide health and fitness coaching to every demographic, there is a particular energy applied to the development of young football players. As a majority of the youth football services are conducted in an in-person fashion, there are a plethora of products and services offered in an in-person and online format that still provide a direct blueprint to physical and mental fitness for EVERYONE.

My Story


My name is Nevin C. Hughes and I am the Founder and CEO of NEVFIT. My fitness journey has been one encompassing the common yet abstract qualities any path could consist of. These attributes of perseverance, tenacity, strength, and consistency have been powerful contributing factors pointing to who I am as a man and my continuous growth. NEVFIT is a spitting image of this way of life.​


I was blessed with the ability to compete at the division one level as a college football player. I played the linebacker position for Central Michigan University for three years, 2019-2021. My career took a drastic turn when an old nerve related injury from my high school days of football came back more aggressively. I suffered grade two nerve damage from C2 through C7 of my spine, as well as L1 through L3. 


I was faced with muscle atrophy on my right side that led to a crippling paralysis that thankfully lasted only temporarily. In the time frame of that handicapped state, I had to face the harsh reality that I was no longer valued by the Central Michigan University football program. 


In the 2021 off season I received a phone call in early February with the heart wrenching news that I would no longer be able to compete on the football team. At the time I was sitting in my dorm room doing homework, preparing to go to work midnights. I would often work until about four o'clock in the morning whether it was at the residence hall front desk or at the local gym. Once my shift was complete I would then go to practice at seven that same morning. After having this routine ripped away so suddenly, I was crushed beyond belief. Not only did this new reality blindside my entire dream, it planted a cancerous seed of self doubt. 

After receiving the devastating phone call, I decided that I was going to go across the street to the football facility and speak with one of the coaches in person. I thought that had to be some sort of mistake, as I had been working as hard as I possibly could. All I could think was, "why me?"

As I made my way to the bottom of the residence hall steps, I laid my eyes upon a sight that will forever be engrained in my mind. On the steps of Celani Hall of Central Michigan University, there was a trash bag, with white printer paper scotch taped to it. The words written on the printer paper were written in purple marker. Those words read "NEVIN." In that trash bag sitting on the curb in the rain was all of my equipment. In that trash bag all of my workout gear, all of my team issued belongings, all of my hard work, all of my early mornings and late nights, and all of my football dreams and aspirations. Just like that.


I fell into a dark place unlike I had ever been in before. After seeing my career literally thrown away, that is exactly how I felt; like used garbage. I made excuses for myself and locked myself in my room for weeks. I gained close to 30 pounds, I was depressed, and taking prednisone every 45 minutes for my nerve pain. I was angry, broken, hurt, hateful, and every other emotion one could imagine. 

I had dropped my shifts at the front desk and quit the gym job. I fell into a sickening spiral of dark bliss. I sat in my room day after day replaying all of the degrading verbiage the coaches would spew day in and day out throughout my CMU football career. The consistent ridicule and degradation that I used to ignore during competition began to repeatedly resurface and plague my mind; rooting itself as a matter of fact principle.


I went into the grocery store to purchase some junk food to soothe my depressed and pathetic state. As I proceeded to check out the 40 dollars worth of groceries in my cart, my card had declined. There was quite the line behind me so after about four more embarrassing attempts to purchase my food I asked the attendant nearby If I could run out to the bank across the street while keeping my cart in tact. After receiving the "ok" to do so, I made my way over to the bank to withdraw cash from the atm machine. I attempted to withdraw 40 dollars and I received the message, "insufficient funds." I then requested 20 dollars and received the same message once again. Flagrantly frustrated, I made my way into the bank to speak to a bank teller. The bank teller by the name of Lisa, opened my account and almost looked concerned. She proceeded to tell me, that sitting in my bank account was $11.83.


After hearing this recent financial news, I was unsure how to react. I did not know how to even begin to process what had just happened. The emotions were so overwhelming that I completely lost control. I immediately crumbled into tears. Here I was, a grown, 20 year old man, on crutches, completely broken down, in the middle of Members First Credit Union. 

The bank teller, Lisa, reached into her purse and pulled out a 20 dollar bill and said, "I hope you figure things out." That day I went back to my dorm room and I cried. I screamed and cursed at God. I was angry at the world, at Him, at myself, at my coaches. I genuinely felt as if I lost everything. I felt like a failure. I was broken.


It was in that moment of hopelessness that my inherently logical thinking kicked in (indicative of simply how God designed me to think). I faced an ultimatum as in that moment I genuinely considered taking my own life. I wasn't going to tell my family, or my friends. However, in my darkest hour I realized that I was knocked down so hard I was on my back. In my despair, God reminded me that through his promises, if I could simply look up, then I could get up. I recalled my youth pastor telling the congregation that in order to build a strong mind, you must build a strong spirit. In a more specific sense, he spoke of reading a chapter of Proverbs a day. In that state of hopelessness, I opened my dusty Bible that I hadn't touched in years, and began to read. 


Over the next couple of months from what was once my lowest point, I had grown my mental capacity to overcome defeat. I then realized that I did not want to just overcome it, I wanted to conquer it. I was given the book, 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson. Between the many Proverbs and this book, my mindset and life was utterly changed for the better. 

I had emerged with a fresh outlook on life; one of growth, newness and opportunity. I once again reestablished the logical and entrepreneurial tendencies God graciously blessed my persona with. I began to get back to exercising. I looked in the mirror and realized I was 40 pounds overweight. I began to exercise vigorously once again, and journal my thoughts prior to my reading sessions. These newly established habits pointed toward the goal of starting what is now, NEVFIT.


Ever since that step was taken toward my calling, I fell in love with the concept of uplifting and coaching. I acquired the dream of providing a platform in which people can grow, improve and manifest a dream into a reality, no matter how broken their physical, mental, or spiritual state my be. This reality would be one personalized for maximum growth and achievement.

NEVFIT provides not only a personal format of training, but inspiration, communal connection, and fundamental development tools to sculpt the mind, body, and spirit. 

God is the cornerstone, and upon that rock, NEVFIT built it's foundation. 

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